How do I choose my Agent?

When you decide to sell your house using a Real Estate companies services, it is very important that you make the right decision on which one to use. The wrong choice may not only leave you with a sour taste in your mouth, but it could also cost you a significant amount of money. So, how does one know who to choose? Before we get started; the difference between a salesperson and an agent is the qualification. An agent is the more qualified of the two. I will use the word salesperson throughout this article because it can incorporate both. The company or agency is the Real Estate Company (i.e. Ray White) that the salesperson represents.

I have been selling property for 20 years, and the way that people select their agent hasn’t changed. I would be bold enough to say that recommendations are at the top of the list – either someone who has a friend or is related to a salesperson, or, has had a pleasant experience and wishes to ‘promote the agent’

Let’s discuss a few ways to select your Real Estate Salesperson

Firstly – choosing a company to market your property is completely different to choosing a salesperson. Whilst selecting a reputable company is important, the service you ultimately receive can vary largely depending on the salesperson. Think about your favorite shops; the experience you get is dependent on who serves you. Real Estate is no different. If you simply phone a company to sell your property without requesting a specific person, you will be put through to a ‘duty agent’. It’s important YOU select your salesperson, don’t settle for a random selection… this is ‘big money’ you’re about to spend – protect it by making informed decisions.

A recommended salesperson: This is a great way to select your salesperson, but only if it’s a recommendation from someone who has used that particular salesperson in the past. DON’T feel obligated just because someone is a family friend. They may not have the skills or personality that you are looking for – remember this is a huge financial asset – you need to employ someone you feel can truly protect your investment.

A salesperson who has a high profile and a lot of listings: They may be very skilled, but more often than not, have other people working for them. If they have too many listings, it’s not always physically possible for them to always show purchasers your home or do your open homes every time, so they use another salesperson. If it’s the personal touch you’re after, ask the salesperson if they will always be the one who will be dealing with you and not someone else you didn’t select. It is your right to expect to work with the person you choose.

A salesperson who is experienced, new or young: Someone new isn’t necessarily a bad option as they are often extremely enthusiastic and must be supervised for the first 6 months of their career, so you receive the benefit of someone experienced working with them as well. Young people are very savvy when it comes to the internet. Salespeople who have been in the industry for a long time have great experience and knowledge, but being in the industry for a long time doesn’t necessarily make them good!

Going through open homes: I believe this is one of the best ways to choose your salesperson – you can see how they ‘perform’ on behalf of their client, this includes how professional, friendly and approachable they are. Observe how they present themselves … this may be your property next! It is important to remember however – a skilled salesperson will identify someone who is genuinely interested in a property, so don’t necessarily judge them solely on their follow-up – their skills may help them to recognize that the property you viewed was not for you.

Most importantly, find a Salesperson you like and trust – If you like them, your buyers probably will too. You have to feel that you can trust and confide in them. You will need to have confidence in any advice they give. The right salesperson will take a long-term view and ALWAYS put your interests first.

Jess and I are a mix of 'old and new'. I have 23 years’ experience and Jess is in her fifth year in the industry after being awarded the ‘Rookie of the Year’ in her first year. We pride ourselves on being very approachable and we genuinely care about the level of service we give our clients.

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